Sunrise Bracket


Managing Dynamic Range: Focus Stacking Helps my HDR Shot

Sunrise Bracket

I used bracketing in this sunrise shot to manage wide dynamic range, but lost detail because of it.
For this week’s edit, I create my ideal grayscale image using a focus stack, selective channel information and some other favorite tools. I then apply that grayscale version back to the original to add tonal contrast just where I want it. Lots of fun for me; I hope you enjoy it too.

This video is the sixth in our faster-edit format. It builds on knowledge from previous videos, running full-tilt through tools and methods to achieve the edit. For fuller explanations, visit Weekly Edit’s home page Scroll down to Topics Discussed or Modules Used on the right-hand sidebar. Click on any of these, and we assemble a complete custom play list of every instance from a knowledge base of our first 27 videos for quick review right on the site.
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