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How to Set Up a Profitable eBay Amazon Dropshipping Business

How to Set Up a Profitable eBay Amazon Dropshipping Business
Your Easy Guide to Building and Running a Successful eBay Drop-shipping Home Business and Earn Money in Your Spare Time

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Course Description
*** Updated August 2016 to a total of 48 lectures and 3 hours! More than 1200 new students in the first month!! ***
Enroll in this course and learn how to set up a successful eBay Drop-Shipping home-based business.
This course is made for anyone who wants some extra income and a home-based side business which can be managed from anywhere in the world without a physical store or inventory. You can remain an employee and run this business in your spare time or go into the eBay Drop-shipping business full-time.
The course will take you step-by-step from the simplest details to the most advanced techniques of e-Commerce and eBay Drop-shipping.
You will learn how to open your eBay and PayPal accounts and source hot products from Amazon to sell profitably on eBay, You will discover how to configure your eBay account and eBay Store and automate your business with easy-to-use Drop-shipping Software Automation. You will learn how to save money, protect yourself from risk and start making a profit.
All you will need to take this course is a computer (desktop or laptop), an internet connection, a few hours a week and an open mind to learn something new.
This course will be useful to you at any stage in life, whether you are just joining the work-force or way past retirement.
This course is a work in progress. we will be adding new materials on a regular basis so that it will be useful for all eBay drop-shippers, from the absolute newbie beginner to the experienced eCommerce merchant.
The course will include videos, presentations, easy-to-follow summaries and bonus materials for those serious about becoming a successful eBay Drop-shipper.
We will share the techniques, tips and tricks which successful businessman Aviv Malka uses to become a Top-Rated eBay Drop-shipper and Platinum Level eBay Seller with over $350,000 of sales in this past year.
David Levine, an eBay Entrepreneur, Dropshipper & Trainer will be teaching the course based on Aviv’s techniques (and as the native English Speaker in the team will respond to most of the Student Questions).
If you want to save countless hours of trial and error by setting up an eBay Drop-shipping business on your own AND start earning money in your spare time, then ENROLL in this course.
Aviv Malka (eBay Platinum Level Seller)

David Levine (Trainer & eBay Entrepreneur)
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