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Create an Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt

Create an Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt
Learn to make a quiz based Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt with free Apps – fun for all

Create an Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt - Udemy Course $10

Course Description
Summer months can be long with kids about, so can Christmas and Easter. In fact finding activities to keep kids busy during any holiday period can be difficult.
Kids love their pads right and I know my kids love getting their hands on my phone… this Easter I created an Egg Hunt using quiz based Augmented reality, and the kids just loved it…… much so that I am creating more for summer fun and I thought I would show you too…..
Augmented Reality Scavenger hunts can be used at home, in parks, in Youth Clubs, as Fundraising Events, in Schools and even as a Marketing Campaign
Now you can Create Your Own Pokemon Go Style Treasure hunt where you get to create safe outside games choosing known safe locations…using Google Forms for education quiz and Aurasma Augmented reality App
First we will look at how to get started. After this we will look at the planning and design phase. We will then set up some quizzes using Google Forms and finally attach these quizzes to the Augmented App.
So if your kids love technology and you wanna be the coolest parent on the block then jump right in and learn now to create a quiz based Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt using Aurasma Studio and Google Forms. No software or app purchase is necessary. I am in no way affiliated to Aurasma Studio.
In this short course, you will learn how to create a quiz based augmented reality scavenger hunt from start to finish.  So if you want to have some fun with your kids, in a school, or in a youth club, or even as a fund raising event then you really have to sign up.  This is a course you will enjoy

*Although the class is only 30 min, it will take you a bit longer to actually make your Augmented reality scavenger hunt.  Most of this time will go into the planning phase.  Once your planning is complete, it will only take you about 30 min to set it up and get going.
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